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A Digital Future for Queensland now

Helping our regions harness, employ and engage with new media is the vital key to a sustainable future.

Building online regional business hubs

Our regional centres know that there is an urgent need for online regional business hubs to bring local business into the digital world and capitalise on the power of new on-line technology.

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There is a need to quickly enable our community and businesses or organisations to now have a level playing field and  to remain in charge of their own destiny.

But even more importantly there is a need to stop the “silo” effect of vastly different systems being set up and implemented in ad hoc fashion throughout the state.

In many way the urgent need has create an isolationist approach, one that offers fragmented and disconnected systems that do not fully serve regional communities nor the State’s Digital Economy Strategy.

Our Town Plus More with its online regional business hubs is an innovative new way of using the internet to bring growth and sustainability to businesses in our regions. It’s offers the chance to use the super-fast superhighway to do what it was meant to do – build strong businesses and thriving communities.

By building a unique localized  on-line Procurement, Business and Community hub, Our Town Plus More provides the following:

  • A ‘one stop’ place for local businesses
  • A procurement portal for councils and industry
  • A ‘notice board’ for community news
  • A ‘go to’ place for everyone local
  • A ‘find you’ place for the entire world

It’s the ‘’go to” place for the local community AND for the world with news, events, jobs, deals, information and a comprehensive Local Business Procurement Portal and Directory.

It’s the on-line Business and Community Hub that will help our regions stay strong in a fast changing world.

This is what regional businesses get with Our Town Plus More:

  • Local Businesses get a ‘Go To’ business directory with capability register.
  • Local Business get a truly local procurement portal for Council and Industry jobs and tenders
  • Local Businesses get access to a local Plus More Deals email marketing service.
  • Local Businesses get access to local Plus More Deals social media service.
  • Local Businesses get direct quote requests via the Plus More Business Hub.
  • Local Businesses get access to other businesses to collaborate with them on large tenders.

The system is fully supported by our team. It’s the easiest and most effective way to get every business in town to become an online regional business.

Find out more about Our Town Plus More here.