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A Digital Future for Queensland now

Helping our regions harness, employ and engage with new media is the vital key to a sustainable future.

About TouchPoint Media

Mark Miller and Laurie Ward, the founders of TouchPoint Media have spent many years working with and speaking to regional councils, businesses and community groups throughout Queensland.

TouchPoint Media began in 2012 as a think tank of communication specialists, marketers, and online software developers focusing on the challenges facing rural and regional Australia with the use of online technology.

It became clear that not enough thought or support had gone into meaningful, logical and accessible ways for small to medium towns and regions to ‘localise’ the internet.

Their research showed that whilst there has been many attempts to use technology to help regional communities prosper, they mostly fail due to a silo approach. That is, they tend to focus on only one aspect of the community’s needs.

This is due to lack of understanding of the unique nature of regional and rural communities.

Together, Mark and Laurie offer a wealth of marketing, media and system development knowledge.

They have both lived and worked in country towns. They bring with them a unique understanding and solid commitment to resolving some of the big issues facing rural and regional towns over the next few years.

TouchPoint Media, the developer of Our Town Plus More has just one purpose – to ensure rural and regional Australia does not get left behind and can thrive using new technology. Their approach is to ensure that new media technology is  both easy to use and clearly understood as a way move regional communities forward in a fast changing world. This includes making sure that any and all new media services are specifically designed for their unique needs.

Find out more about Our Town Plus More here.

Mark Miller is recognized as one of Queensland’s best known community campaign providers.

Mark has over 30 years’ experience in a wide range of media and marketing services. From journalist to media specialist, Mark is known for a range of services from community based campaigns, corporate brand positioning, to brand awareness and product promotion. He has worked extensively with regional councils throughout Australia.

He offers a wide range of services including Media Training, Media Relations and Communication Strategies and Campaigns.

He also has extensive experience in issues management for privately and publicly listed companies, industry based organisation, charities, corporate entities, employment groups and government at all levels.

Laurie Ward is an online marketing and systems specialist with over 25 years experience in advertising, online marketing, systems development and campaign management.

His teams have delivered an extensive body of work ranging from branding and print media to TVC, website development, online marketing, social media and interactive systems.

His services include training in the most effective use of online media. A major role in this area is to deal with the most common problems arising in social media due to a lack of understanding of both the reach and the fact that what goes online is often accessible by anyone and everyone forever.

Laurie has a long term commitment to helping rural business and has provided his services to businesses throughout Australia.

As an online systems developer, Laurie has extensive experience working with corporates, SMEs, local governments and communities.