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A Digital Future for Queensland now

Helping our regions harness, employ and engage with new media is the vital key to a sustainable future.

Building stronger communities online

Our Town Plus More is a unique online platform focused on building stronger communities in our regions.  The recently held Queensland Summit made an extensive amount of noise about regional Queensland growth and development, but of significance, has been the move to “Communities that are well planned, well connected and engender community spirit”.

The Summit listed it as number two priority, followed by point four, “Regions that are attractive to study work and live in”. And point five “Delivery of economic, social and community benefits through infrastructure”.

Most country towns and especially regional councils are aware of these needs and in many cases have tried very hard to provide some of this through the council website.

However, in most cases the local community does not see the council website as a “Go To” place for community news, and social content. It is seen more as a service delivery platform.

That’s why the need for a purpose built on-line community hub has become so vital to fulfil the communications aspect of “Communities that are well planned, well connected and engender community spirit”.

Our Town Plus More provides this on-line hub with news, events calendar, social media, jobs, tourism information and business directories all in the one place.

This ‘One Stop’ approach makes it the ‘Go To’ place for locals. When we add places to stay and visit, things to do and see, and investment opportunities, it also becomes the “Go To’ place for tourists, visitors and business investors. Our Town plus More allows them to find out all about each and every region and town in Queensland.

Our Town Plus More is a vital link in the implementation of the Queensland Digital Economy Strategy.

The software has been developed and a comprehensive community buy-in plan is ready to implement now.

Find out more about Our Town Plus More here.