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A Digital Future for Queensland now

Helping our regions harness, employ and engage with new media is the vital key to a sustainable future.

More than a fix

Eternal resilience are the two words the team at TouchPoint Media carries deep in their minds and their hearts.

We do so, not to have yet another catchy byline or tag, but to remind us of the real purpose of communication and its vital role in shaping lives and communities today and for tomorrow.

For many, solutions and communications are jumped at as a means to find fixes or to provide an answer, rather than being, in fact, that which it is – The very core of existence.

It is, after all, where it begins.

It marks the beginning of a solution, the beginning of a direction, command or request. It powers, it provides, it enhances, it loves, it can hate and it can kill.

TouchPoint Media was born when co-founder Laurie Ward and I grew tired of witnessing, first hand, communication stuff ups or interference almost everywhere we looked.

Problems and issues that were created, most often with the best of intentions. And after nearly 40 years each of being called upon to, constantly fix what had become broken we said “Enough!!” and devised the TouchPoint Media Model.

A company dedicated to pure communication.

We decided there are better ways.

Don’t get me wrong….TouchPoint Media is still and excels in being problem solvers. A communications dedicated company with enormous capacity that can devise and harness strategy, develop the tools and generate the momentum to create environments that bring about outcomes, be they cause driven, retail, inspired, community focused, cultural, political or religious.

But our latest venture-Our Town Plus More is a pinnacle project for us. In so far as it began with a real and growing need from within regional communities to unravel decades of communications stuff ups. It had gone past the fix stage.
It was at the desperate stage.

And emerged as the need therefore to undo bright ideas that grew out of technology and eventually began to devour the very fabric of those communities.

This all began with a discussion late one night, after a long day of work and development as we yet again tried to address the issues facing a community that had been done over.

When we looked at it, it appeared like the issues facing so many regional communities-Like the bad communications science fiction movie where the techno robot destroys the town upon which it feeds. Destroying the town, and ultimately itself.

The World Wide Web hit town and took more retail out of town on its information super highway than it delivered.

Local Newspapers got sold to bigger and better groups and with their rationalization went local jobs, local know how and community engagement.

Radio stations were networked to the big smoke and TV gave more channels but a lot less on the ground heart and soul local content.

Communities in regional Australia, suddenly had technology eating at the very core of what has always made them great. Cooperation, local engagement and pride.

TouchPoint Media looked long and hard at it. The fix was to un-do the damage and put into place an eternal system that harnessed technology as the servant not the master.

This is a communications based model to technology engagement across whole communities.

It aims to re-connect community, re-engage business, and provides channels for local product and service export to bigger, wider markets and to capture and keep community buy-in, community spirit and local dollars.

It gives back news and information-in real time.

It allows the local communities to use their cooperative heart and soul to build resilience for the future. An eternal future.

And to contain and community manage and control it all from growth to issues management.

I do mean everything – From service capability to romance, to education, crime prevention,  to medical can be distributed from this platform – In fact  whatever the need now might be can be worked via  the platform.

Now that’s resilience.

That’s why we call it  Our Town ‘Plus More’.

As the these communities grow and swell, ride out booms and busts, the Our Town Plus More platform will be there to give more to add more.

To use and drive communications  ahead of the need for solutions.

Outcomes Plus More…always.

We’ve commenced the project in four areas in association with regional councils, with the support of three government departments, the lead agency being the Department of Science information Technology and the Arts, in association with the Department of Small Business and State Development.

They have provided councils with some seed funding to get the project off the ground, so this is the perfect collaboration between State, Regional Government and private enterprise.

It’s an exciting project that will give the much needed connectivity back to these areas, give back the news and information sources they have lost, allow for local business to compete and now trade in other markets as well as provide service delivery that is unknown at this level anywhere in the world.

So while communications Gurus will preach finding solutions, At TouchPoint Media we’re more about preventing them in the first place and creating lasting realistic communications.

Communication that brings communities together, that brings a public alive that focuses a constituency and brings the world local, rather than trying to make local -global.

It’s just, well common sense…

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