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A Digital Future for Queensland now

Helping our regions harness, employ and engage with new media is the vital key to a sustainable future.

Our Town Plus More

Our Town plus More is a unique software and community engagement approach, offering a simple, easy to use interface as it engages, interacts, simplifies and streamlines digital technology usage in regional areas of Queensland.

Our Town Plus More is a business and community hub for people who  live and work in or near a town and rely on the town for their livelihood. Our Town Plus More brings all of the power of on-line systems with a unique regional focus.

The first four regional hubs are being built now and to follow the progress of these innovative online systems, or to find how Our Town Plus More could work for your town, please go to the Our Town Plus More website.

We called it Our Town ‘Plus More’, because we see it growing with each and every town in regional Queensland. Our Town Plus More provides the on-line ‘plus’ to the strength, resilience and sense of community already existing in our regions.

Even with all of the advancements in technology and the use of faster broadband, most towns don’t have access to technology that is purpose built to help everyone in the community prosper.

Our Town Plus More puts our regions on the World Wide Web, but it also focuses on keeping them strong locally.

‘The more you use it, the more ‘plus’s’ it adds for your town.’

It provides local control over what gets added and how it gets used, but with the help of our team of marketing, news media, communications and business specialists.