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A Digital Future for Queensland now

Helping our regions harness, employ and engage with new media is the vital key to a sustainable future.

TouchPoint Media services

TouchPoint Media Services operate across a wide spectrum of your media related needs. From Media Training and Audio Visual production to Media Relations and Marketing, we have it covered. Then add our extensive  experience in online media and systems development and you will find that we are the media company for today and tomorrow.

TouchPoint Media Training – The Whole Picture

To take an issue that is presented to you or you may wish to create, or to respond to or buy into is about the careful use of media channels.
It won’t always happen in a way or a time frame you control.

From Journalists to bloggers to the very last client or customer you had- they now all have access, instantly to publish and to post editorial or editorial like opinion views and comments about you and your organisation.

To become an astute media player and to best utilise this powerful and influential tool, you must understand how the industry works, what actually drives media and what is important to individuals at all levels of media.

Through its media-training program, our TouchPoint Media Services division teaches the individual how to fulfil their role in this process, how to manage media interviews, individuals and opportunities for the best possible outcome.

With award winning journalists and new media specialists as facilitators, Touchpoint Media takes media training into the 21 st century.

Our use of extensively experienced trainers with advanced audio-visual production units which enable the creation of practical and realistic media scenarios that both enable participant interaction and increase individual understanding.

TouchPoint Media Audio Visual

‘Going Viral’ may just make your bottom line get really sick.

Audio and Visual tools of communications can be nothing more than  an offensive attack on the senses- if they are not structured and you’re not careful.

It’s one thing to record or shoot- it’s another to have it work.

It can be and will be a leading light that engages, enthralls and creates instant and massive credibility when handled correctly.

View our show reel here

Be it big screen or  smart app;  A/V is to communication what  the a road is to car –  it can be an annoying rough ride or a slick breeze that takes you  a destination in style comfort and with enjoyment and  with a praise that converts.

It should penetrate the senses and win the hearts and souls.

Touchpoint Media Services prides itself on being electronic media specialists. From ready for TV documentaries and advertisements to web based and social media teasers, and corporate productions Touchpoint Media brings organisations an unmatched level of expertise to the entire audio visual experience.

Our focus moves beyond typical “out of the box concepts” We blend formats, we blend production techniques we blend message delivery methods between rational and new media…To deliver a multi-media outcome that is perfect.

An outcome that is transportable across mediums, global or targeted. An outcome that works for you.

Our production focus grows out of our experience in developing top rating television documentaries and audio visual productions… with a production team that is headed by countless industry award winners. Producers, journalists, copywriters, cameramen, editors and directors and on line specialists, all with invaluable global experience in the production of world class audio visual creations.

It is these important tools which create the vital link between mainstream production and new media.

TouchPoint Digital Marketing and Web Design.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is a beauty salon, a recruitment agency, a trades based business or an accountancy firm, your site needs to actively reach your target market. If your site isn’t attracting new visitors and driving sales to your door, what’s the point of having a website in the first place?

Built right from the ground up
Our affordable TouchPoint Active websites are built from the ground up to generate qualified enquiries and sales for your business.

After many years of building websites that work, we have to distil the essential elements of the ‘classic marketing website” and build an underlying structure that can be economically and easily customised.

Using our TouchPoint Active platform means we can get you online quickly and affordably with clean, functional design, in-built Search Engine Optimisation and visitor friendly usability. With TouchPoint Active we can also set you up with blog feeds and automatic posts to your Face Book page from website updates.

We put you in control
Once your site is done, we give you full control of your website so you can login and make changes and updates from any internet connected computer anywhere in the world. We also show you the best ways to keep your site ranking on Google.

Already have a website?
Even if you already have a website, the chances are it is not performing to your maximum benefit. We are happy to review it for you and offer you feedback at no charge. Approximately 50% of our Market Active business comes from re-building and re-designing sites that either do not work or have been built on old, out dated technology.

Looking for a shopping cart?
You can easily add e-commerce to your site with TouchPoint Shopping Cart.

Call us to find out more on 1300 256 377.